Welcome to Norskieventyr

So what does Norskieventyr mean you might say, well its two Norwegian words joined together and means "Norsk Fairy Tale". We think this also reflects the NFC temperament.

About the Nowegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is a large semi-long haired breed, comprising of a domestic breed of cats that originated in the Northern Europe region. The Norwegian Forest Cat is classed as a natural breed type totally adaptive to snow and wintery climates. They have a glossy long top coat of which stops rain from penetrating the skin, with a thick undercoat to insulate their body. In Viking folklore it is believed that the Norwegian Forest Cats drove the chariot of the Goddess Freya. The cats were so big and strong even the god of thunder "Thor" could not lift them off the ground. Throughout Viking mythology the Norwegian Forest Cat has long been identified as the fairytale cat, hence "Norsk Fairytale", which is the influence of our cattery name "Norskeventyr.

In the 1970's, the breed became registered as an official breed with the European Fédération Internationale Féline.

About us and our standards as breeders

Norskieventyr is a registered cattery with the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy)

We are a small cattery based in the East Midlands of England. We are dedicated to the preservation of the health and wellbeing of the Norwegian Forest cat breed. We were introduced to the breed in 2012 with our two Norwegian Forest Cats "Denaya" and "Dinozzo" and the Norwegian Forest cat breed have been a much loved and cherished part of our family ever since. Our feline companions live with us as part of the family and we do not agree to free roaming for cats. We have a purpose built catio attached to our house where they can safely come and go as they please.

We have spent the past 9 years showing our Norwegian Forest Cats and getting to know the breed better. The show arena provides a solid training ground into understanding and learning the health development/study, temperament and physical attributes of this wonderful breed.

We invite you to look at our pages for more pictures and details of our beautiful cats and feel free to get in touch with us.

Contacting Us

Currently we do not have any litters so please keep an eye on our "Litter" page for more updates.

We are currently looking at extending our family of Nowegian Forests Cats for showing and breeding. Our aim is to have another Blue & White (Non- Agouti) boy and a Tortie girl.

Feel free to contact us on:

Email: weggies@norskieventyr.com

Mobile: +44 07305559866 - whatsApp available for messaging.

NFC As a breed

  • "Expect them to follow you everywhere".
  • "They Like to Chat"
  • "The semi long hair means lots of brushing"
  • Gentle giants with extremely loving temperaments"
  • Affectionately known as the "Weggie" after "Pans Truls" the first officially recognised Norwegian Forest cat and the breed's foundation cat.

Show Awards

Our cats have achieved great success in GCCF, FIFE and TICA cat shows worldwide.

Sunday 26th of January 2014. The first FIFE winners show for us- Our Dinozzo gained another CAPIB cerificate. Three more made him our first Fife International Premier.

In 2014 FIFE Lutterworth our "Dinozzo" became International Premier Champion and best in show and a contender for the FIFE world show 2014.

Between 2018-2020 our "Pelle" became TICA RW (regional winner) for two consecutive years and in 2019 -2020 he gained his TICA SGC (Supreme Grand Champion).

In the same year 2019 -2020 his daughter our "Xylona" became TICA RW QGC (Regional winner - Quadrupal Grand Champion).

We have been very proud of the achievements of all of our Weggies as they are affectionately known.

A quick glance at our family, current and in memory.

(Blue & White Male with Polaris tip tail) International Premier Champion Dinozzo as a kitten (In memory of our precious boy).

(Silver/White Tabby Female Princess) Our lady of promise Denaya


(The Man -Black Brown Classic Tabby) RW SGC Pelle at Norskieventyr


(Black/Brown & White Tabby - Female Princess) Xandra at Norskieventyr


(Black Brown & White Tabby - Female Queen Miss Poo Poo La La) RW QGC Xylona at Norskieventyr