Pelle at Norskieventyr


Black/Brown Classic tabby

(UK Regional winner)

(TICA - Supreme Grand Champion)

HCM -(Normal), GSD4, PK Def - Negative

Vet Check/Vaccination and Vet Hygene Inspection Certificates - Vet Recommendation letter available

(Closed Stud)


Our beautiful 4 year old boy has a long established European lineage of world champions in his blood-line. We refer to him as do others as a little Lion King as everybody comments on his Lion type looks!

Pelle has a large bone structure, a perfect triangular head, full staight chin and his nose is so straight you could put a pencil on it and there would be no gaps! He has good proportioned sized ears and is a medium build. He is a modern style traditional Norwegian Forest Cat with a slightly higher forehead than the early traditional NFC's such as our beloved "Dinozzo" and "Denaya".

Pelle has a beautiful temperament and handles himself very well at cat shows, capturing the hearts of many judges. He has had a very successful career at cat shows, hence he is a twice regional winner and Supreme Grand Champion. In 2019 Pelle was 14th best NFC in the world and first (best) NFC in the EW region TICA awards between 2018 - 2020.

At home he is just our lovable Pelle, spoilt, loved and is a much cherished member of the family.


Show reports

Between 2018-2020 our "Pelle" became TICA RW (regional winner) for two consecutive years and in 2019 -2020 he gained his TICA SGC (Supreme Grand Champion).

Pelle as a kitten

Pelle at 3 months of age.


The look says it all!

The Stud Boy

Pelle all ready to stud his very first litter!