Dino 100

Elvenwyr Dinozzo at Norskeventyr - TICA - CHA and Fife - Premier Champion

(11/12/12 to 07/03/21)


Dedicated to our very first beloved and cherished Norwegian Forest cat, our beautiful pioneer to this wonderful breed.

You were so loved and adored by us beyond words!

You proudly achieved so much in your 8.9 years spent with us as a much loved member of our family.

Our Fife Premier Champion, BIS (Best in show) 2014 winner, Fife Lutterworth, UK and TICA CHA (Champion), we are so proud of you.

You were our dream, our Fluffy Valentine, our bel uomo, you are divine, your spirit lives on. You will always remain fondly in our hearts and souls. Our sweet Silvano, Dinozzo, Mickey mouse, Dino, we love you our sweet boy. Eternal blessings and all our love, till we meet again sweet boy - Mummy and Daddy xx


Baby Elvenwyr Dinozzo at Norskeventyr

Blue & White boy with a traditional Polaris tip tail, just like Pans Trul.

FIFE International Premier Champion and TICA CHA (In memory of our precious boy).

Silvano - Dino - Mickey Mouse

Dino 500

The look says it all - Having a cat lazy day!

Sweet BoyIce cream man

A sweet tooth for a very sweet boy, who simply adored his ice cream, cream cakes and blueberry muffins!

Dino Baby

Dino Baby at 9 weeks of age - "You can't get any cuter!"